After your talk we went out and beat two teams that had previously beaten us and finished 2nd in the Wheaton North Shootout. I tried to stress your confidence talk and the boys played great. Thanks for giving us another motivational tool!

Rich G., Geneva Feeder Basketball
The things that you’ve been giving our son to do in your meetings with him have really been working. He’s seeing quite a bit of success right now in his soccer playing. Also, this has helped him in the classroom with some test anxiety as well because halfway through high school he’s pulling down a 3.9/4.0 GPA. Thank you!

Jim L
As the parent of Mind’s Eye athlete, I am proud of the progress my son has made in developing his “inner game” of basketball. Since starting the Mind’s Eye program Jack has exhibited a higher level of confidence and drive...

Jay Bronec, Parent of Jack Bronec (2015) STC East Basketball
I came to Mind’s Eye when I was struggling with the recovery process of two torn ACL’s. Dr. Pete gave me tools and techniques to help me battle my anxiety and fear that further progressed my physical therapy. Mind’s Eye helped me get running again without fear, helped me regain my confidence, and restructure a more positive state of mind. Mind’s Eye helped to motivate and build me into a better athlete, which further enhanced my recovery process.

Ashley Santos Marquette University Basketball
The world of junior and amateur golf is one filled with great talent. However, few young golfers have the mental strength that is necessary to succeed to the next level. I had the skill, but didn't know how to build the strong mental game that is needed to excel. Thanks to Dr. Temple, I was able to become mentally strong and use that as an asset to propel me to into collegiate golf. The things he has taught me are invaluable and I am very grateful to work with Dr. Pete.

Matt Fazio University of Dayton Golf
The Mind’s Eye Sports Program has given me the tools to handle set backs during games.  It has also helped me to gain confidence when playing on new, high level teams.  A great tool I learned and use often is the refocusing technique (“Next time!”) that helps me to stay focused after a mistake.  The breathing tools also help me in nervous situations for both sports and school.

Jason L. Mind’s Eye Client Soccer
Mind's Eye and Dr. Temple bring the mental game of sports alive. I asked Dr. Temple to come talk with my team after a key player on our team was injured. We had the talent, we had the work effort and the heart, but we were missing a key element to success, the mental game. Dr. Temple helped the girls understand the importance of confidence in ones self and with teammates and to believe in each other. I can honestly say Mind's Eye played a huge factor to the success of our season. Athletes have to spend time on the mental game. Dr. Temple has a true passion to help athletes become the best all around athlete they can be. Thank you Dr. Temple for all you do.

Sarah Meadows Head Girls Basketball Coach Geneva High School
I have competed in Dressage for years. Three years ago my horse and I won a schooling show championship and qualified for regionals. Then I had a 2-year plateau despite having an excellent trainer and a competitive horse. I forgot my test pattern and went off course. I had lost my confidence and was dissatisfied with my performance even though I practiced regularly and had frequent lessons.

I began looking for a sports psychologist that had experience with Dressage riders. I spoke to a few and then found Dr. Pete Temple. I realized he had worked with athletes in many different sports but could he understand my sport, especially one that involved a horse?

When I spoke with him I knew I had the right person to help me. He worked with my trainer and me. Pete quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses and what to do to improve my performance. He taught me how to focus and make the most of each lesson. I now had a routine to follow before each competition and was confident when I rode into the arena.
After our work together I enjoyed riding again and earned the best score I have ever had. A trainer who I worked with every 3 months commented after my work with Pete, that I had made the most improvement in my riding of any rider at the clinic. Working with Pete was the best thing I have ever done to improve my athletic performance and I highly recommend him if you want to improve yours.

Ann Kansas