Signs and Signals

Would Mental Coaching Help Your Athlete?
iStock_000001480210Small2Your athlete may have answered this question. They may have told you they want to improve their game in any way possible, and this would include working on their mental game. But there are also other signs that might suggest developing Mental Mechanics is needed.

  • Has their Performance plateaued despite significant investments of time and money training?
  • Are they stuck in a performance slump? Lacking confidence?
  • Is there a concern about “choking”?
  • Is fear of injury or failure getting in their way?
  • Do they think too much about past failures,mistakes or bad luck?
  • Are they struggling with getting motivated? Not having fun anymore?
  • Do they seem depressed? Anxious? Withdrawn? Angry? Irritable?
  • Is your athlete dealing with an injury or trying to return to play after an injury?

If any of these things seem to describe your athlete, Mind’s Eye Sports Performance can help.