Our Approach


Every experience begins with a Free Consultation to discuss the Mind’s Eye approach. The athlete, along with their parents, meets with Dr. Pete to explore how Mind’s Eye may be able to help them reach their goals and obtain information that will help them determine if it’s a good fit for them.



Every Athlete is formally assessed with a variety of measures including the Troutwine Athlete Profile (TAP). Mind’s Eye Sports Performance has partnered with Dr. Robert Troutwine to offer this test, which has historically been reserved for the professional teams (NFL, NBA, and MLB) and major universities he consults for. (Learn more about this powerful tool below).


Each Mind’s Eye athlete meets with Dr. Pete for a feedback session where the results of the assessment are discussed and a personalized Performance Plan is presented that will target the Mental Mechanics needed to build a solid mental foundation (a.k.a. “Mental Toughness”)

Mental Coaching

Mind’s Eye athletes meet with Dr. Pete for 1 on 1 coaching sessions to implement their Performance Plan, develop Mental Mechanics and gain the competitive edge they’re seeking. Mind’s Eye athletes also receive phone, email and text support throughout the course of their season.


Every serious athlete knows that he or she will not be successful without a commitment to a comprehensive physical training program. By adding an equally disciplined and committed approach to the mental game, the Mind’s Eye athlete will:

  • Gain insight into their unique mental strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn and master important Mental Mechanics that will improve their performance
  • Work from a personalized Performance Plan created to help them meet their goals
  • See and feel results on the playing field
The Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP)
The TAP has been used by coaches and teams in the NFL, NBA, and MLB for years. It is also used by major colleges to help make decisions related to scholarship offers. It was Dr. Troutwine who recommended the Indianapolis Colts draft Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf with #1 overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft.

According to Dr. Troutwine, “the TAP measures the athletic intangibles of a player. Most coaches immediately identify with the word “intangibles”. The TAP can tell a coach about the player’s competitiveness, mental toughness, composure under pressure, and ability to adjust. This information is vital for recruiting and developing players.”

Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots- “I’ve been familiar with this for over 10 years… I’m telling you this from experience this gives you tremendous insight into the player, yourself, and your program.”